Wattpad 2014 Award victory

After several months of writing, posting and commenting on Wattpad (and changing my name along the way), I was awarded an « undiscovered gem’ award by Wattpad, a writing website with dizzying numbers:

75 Million Stories to read

35 Million Wattpadders and growing

9 Billion Minutes spent on Wattpad every month

85% Mobile, across all devices

It has been an amazing experience, and this website is another place where I can share information about my works, my progress in my publishing plans, so if you have questions, just give me a shout on my wattpad page, which you can find right here


(note that a profile is needed to make comments). You can also just leave me a comment here and I will respond 🙂


Welcome, Avalonians!

Greetings, Avalonians!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a wattpad author (pen name Marion Avalon) where millions of readers and writers worldwide connect, interact, and build a community.

My works include:

The Afterlife Series:

She is light. He is darkness. They have no reason to trust each other. But they’re the only one who can stop three worlds from falling apart. Oh, and they’re both dead.

– No Way in Heaven or Hell (published on wattpad)

– Heaven versus Hell (unpublished)

– Hell in Heaven (unpublished)

– Silent Heroes (in progress)

The Four Elements Series :

Five teenagers. One demon. Five powers. And I thought high school was tough.

– Hidden Powers (published on wattpad)

– Fight and Feel (being published)

– Sacrifice (to be published)


This blog will mostly be used for book reviews (on wattpad or off wattpad) and possibly movies as well. Should you have a specific book you’d like me to review, you can reach me in a number of places:

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/MarionAvalon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Marion-Avalon-Books-1600154500232344/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel#

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WATKINS1509

Email: marionjanealisonwatkins@yahoo.fr

So feel free to reach out here or on one of the social media above. I don’t bite ;-).